The Miracle BabySleep System™
FREE Exclusive 5 Minute Sample
Bring your Baby to the Speakers!
These are REAL intrauterine audio recordings, using a patent-pending process to match EXACTLY what the baby hears inside the womb. Combined with a unique low-frequency ambient audio track, the Baby Sleep System is THE MOST EFFECTIVE AUDIO CD SYSTEM YOU WILL FIND for getting your newborn, infant, baby or toddler to sleep FAST!


baby sleep


baby sleep
NEW Research
shows that babies fall asleep FASTER and stay asleep LONGER
when played an audio recording of the sound of the womb.



Featuring the new WombEffect™ technology, the Miracle BabySleep System™ is the most accurate womb simulation soundtrack on the market.
• Scientifically-designed
• 3-CD Set for better efficiency
provisions for multiple rooms
• Blended with a beautiful slow-motion
ambient soundtrack
baby sleep


baby sleep

The upcoming clinical trial
is currently being set up with special equipment and monitoring devices at a leading Children’s Hospital NICU.
But you can get your copy RIGHT NOW
either as a CD Set
or as an instant MP3 DOWNLOAD


Buy 3-CD Set –   $39.97
Download MP3 – $34.97
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