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How can I get my baby to sleep through the night?


sleep through the night

Your baby's sleep patterns oscillate between what is called "Light Sleep" and "Deep Sleep" – about every hour. It is during the "light sleep" periods that our baby is more prone to waking.

The Baby Sleep System™ audio soundtrack can help smooth over the transition between periods of "light sleep" and "deep sleep" while at the same time allowing for a natural stirring as bodily or environmental needs dictate so your baby will more easily sleep through the night.

The “Extended Sleep” CD (1 of 3 in the set) is designed to be played on “repeat”, with a gradual fade at the end that provides seamless transition as the CD starts over. Playing the CD all night long can allow your baby to sleep through the night peacefully with minimal night wakings.


Knowing Your Baby’s Sleep Patterns so they Will Sleep Through the Night

Generally, newborns should sleep about 16 hours each day.
Most babies do not begin sleeping through the night (six to eight hours) without waking until about 3 months of age, or until they weigh 12 to 13 pounds.

After 6 months, your baby may again have trouble sleeping through the night. This is a normal development stage often called "separation anxiety".


They may respond with:
  • awakening and crying one or more times in the night
  • crying when you leave the room
  • refusal to go to sleep without a parent nearby
  • clinging to the parent at separation


The BabySleep System™ is the ideal solution
for separation anxiety!
Now your baby can enjoy “the mother’s presence” even when not in the room.


But what if your baby is particularly fussy?
What if your newborn has chronic sleep problems?
What if your infant won't stop crying?
You wonder, " Will my baby EVER sleep through the night?"


Do you find it a challenge to get your baby to stop crying and get them to sleep through the night?


If this sounds like your baby, we also offer a variety of DELUXE BabySleep System™ Gift Sets.

This package contains the Miracle Baby Sleep
System CD bundled with the Jade-a-Kins
Stretchy Swaddling Blanket.




The Miracle Baby Sleep System™ CD has been tested among thousands of parents, numerous medical professionals and is quickly gaining attention across the child care community. It has been so effective, that the BabySleep System CDs have been chosen for clinical study.




The Miracle BabySleep System™

featuring the WombEffect™

Babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!


Now used by Hospitals, Doctors, Daycare Professionals, and thousands of parents worldwide.

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