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My baby has separation anxiety, but I’m told co-sleeping is not safe. What can I do?


separation anxiety

What you really need to know about separation anxiety.

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against co-sleeping…

when mother is close by, babies fall asleep
faster and they seem more content.
When it’s time to sleep, babies miss the womb!
The Solution:
The BabySleep System™ featuring the WombEffect™ audio technology

read on…

Separation Anxiety

Does this sound familiar?
Time for sleep. You put your baby down in the crib, and just as you walk away, s/he starts crying.

Your baby doesn’t like to be all alone. So you rock your baby while walking around the house, you sing, and you basically try everything to get your baby tired and fall asleep.

Then you put your baby down in the crib again, tiptoe away, and s/he starts crying again.

This continues through the night. Completely frazzled, you’re lucky if you get any sleep at all!.

These are the classic traits of separation anxiety

The solution for separation anxiety:

The BabySleep System™
Here's why:


If you start your newborn on the BabySleep System™ right away, your baby will experience a smoother transition from prenatal life to neonatal life and can enjoy the “mother’s presence” even if the mother is not in the same room.
This can help diminish separation anxiety because your infant doesn’t have to endure the shock or confusion of feeling completely alone.



The BabySleep System™audio soundtrack can make your
life 1000 times easier!

  • Your baby feels safer, happier, and can fall asleep with less stress and anxiety
  • You can feel confident knowing your baby is a good sleeper, and according to medical studies will be healthier and less prone to certain types of problems later in life
  • YOU sleep better because your baby sleeps better!


How does the BabySleep System™ work?

The Miracle BabySleep System™ features the WombEffect™ technology which is a precise simulation of the sound your baby hears while inside the womb.

The Miracle BabySleep System™

featuring the WombEffect™

Babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!


Now used by Hospitals, Doctors, Daycare Professionals, and thousands of parents worldwide.

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