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Why Won’t My Baby Stop Crying?


The reason your baby won’t stop crying, may be because s/he misses their safe, quiet, cozy and protected former home: The Womb.

stop crying


What used to be a secure, comfortable and peaceful place, is now gone forever, and your baby wants it back!

Night after night comes and goes without a trace of that safe and protected place. Your baby hasn’t yet adapted to the new environment outside the womb. Because of this new enviroment, many parents find that their baby won’t stop crying for seemingly prolonged periods.


Give your baby peace of mind



Help ease the transition from womb to world by reminding your baby of the peaceful sanctuary of his/her former home.
The Baby Sleep System™ audio soundtrack can help comfort your baby in knowing that
s/he is safe and protected.




In an attempt to get your baby to stop crying and fall asleep, do you:
  • Drive around the neighborhood?
  • Run the vacuum cleaner?
These tricks sometimes help, but let’s look at WHY.When driving in a car, the vibration and road noise is the beginning of low-frequency sound. It is not the motion, it is the SOUND that helps your baby fall asleep.

Specifically, the sound that the road noise generates reminds your baby of the womb, which is mostly low-frequency in nature. Running the vacuum cleaner is a less effective solution, in that they produce almost no low-frequency sound. What they do is help to mask’ other unwanted noises.

The BabySleep System™ audio soundtrack creates the low-frequency sound your baby needs to hear. This CD system a scientifically-designed soundtrack using actual recordings of the womb environment. The BabySleep System™ CDs fill the room with an accurate representation of the prenatal experience.

The lush, beautiful slow-motion ambient soundtrack can give your baby the sonic relief s/he is needing, while at the same time, masking other sounds that are distracting.


Life inside the womb


Imagine you spent the next nine months in a zero-gravity comfort chair made of water (amniotic fluid), that you were continuously fed the best and most nutritious food, and the only sound you heard was a smooth, comforting, muted low-frequency vibratory sound, accompanied by the steady pulse of a mother’s heartbeat.

During this long gestation period, you would become quite used to this environment and very relaxed. But at the moment of birth, you would immediately be bombarded with a shocking, new environment that was noisy, chaotic, bright, loud, and quite physically uncomfortable.

The transition between “pre”-natal and “post”-natal can be more than challenging for a newborn.

The infant is presented with new sounds they’ve never heard before, sound that can even be unpleasant. The effect might be compared to wearing earplugs while attending a loud rock concert, and then halfway through the show, pulling the earplugs out. The ‘shrillness’ of the ‘new’ sound can be startling.

No WONDER your baby is crying!

When it’s time to sleep, your baby needs to be reminded of the tranquil, most comfortable and SAFE place s/he remembers: THE WOMB.


The Miracle BabySleep System™

featuring the WombEffect™

Babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!


Now used by Hospitals, Doctors, Daycare Professionals, and thousands of parents worldwide.

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