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Praise for the BabySleep System™


“We began using the BabySleep
System audio track with one of our chronic NICU patients. To my great surprise,the infant began to sleep so much better and began to focus and concentrate during play. It seemed that since we began using the music, it unleashed his creativity.”
– Theresa Frasier BSN, RN – OU Medical Center NICU

“This is an amazing
product all new parents should have.”
Anna Mendenhall, MD, FAAP
Scripps Memorial Hospital,
and Children’s Primary Care Group, Encinitas, CA


“It’s astounding
how our new baby calms,
falls asleep, and stays asleep”
James Cameron & Suzy Amis
& MUSE Elem. School, Malibu, CA


“For those who are
going through the anxiety
of trying to get an overtired
baby to sleep,and are at their
wits end, frazzled to the point
of no return, here is a product
that promises, and best of all,
delivers relief.”
The National Parenting Center




iParenting Awards




“Top Pick”
Parenting Magazine





“CD of the Year”
Creative Child Magazine
“I am the infant teacher at MSS in Napa Valley and I love the BabySleep System.
We play it at nap time everyday. My assistant and I pat backs in time to the heartbeat. The children fall asleep faster and nap longer. Thank You – great job!”
– Maria. D., Montessori School of Sonoma, CA
“My God, if you can, take stock in this company!
Harlequini was crying and nothing was helping (food, burping, walking, diapers etc.) so we put in the BabySleep System CD, and – I’m not exaggerating – within 10 seconds she was completely calm and falling asleep. It was absolutely astounding”.
– Michelle M., Editor of EContent & Intranets Online
“The first night we used the CD!
(still in our room), not only did our new daughter sleep through the night but I got the best night sleep since she was born! Thank you so much for putting out such a great product”.
– Kevin Russell, Graphic Designer for
Deepak Chopra and Vikki Abrams
“For what it’s worth, I’m not a salesman – just a desperate parent!
I had to go back to work this week, and last night I just started crying because the situation was untenable – for all of us. This morning, I downloaded the mp3 of womb sounds and music from the BabySleep System and put it on right by her crib and put her down. Of course, she started crying. But I waited in the other room, determined to give it at least the five minutes. At minute four, it was
totally quiet. Of course, I rushed in to make sure she was still breathing. She was! Fast asleep! This is a baby who would NEVER sleep without being swaddled and binkied, and who is a determined crier!”
– Jan S., Baby Forums
“My grandson Simon was a high intensity baby
who had a great deal of difficulty settling down to sleep. We tried many different methods but the BabySleep System was by far the most satisfactory. We turned the volume up fairly high and I believe the sounds enveloped him in a relaxing cocoon and enabled him to relax and fall asleep. I make this observation partly because of his behavioral response – he stopped crying and fell asleep quickly – but also because everyone in the household felt immediately relaxed upon hearing the music. Simon is now almost 16 months old. We haven’t used the CD in many months, but we were just talking about how much we missed it. We are going to get it out and put it on just or the sheer beauty of it. Thank you!
– Faye D.


“The first thing I have to say is THANK YOU!

“My baby is 2 months old and he was waking up 3 to 4 times a night and it was SO stressful to me that I would cry when he cried – that is until I received the BabySleep System! This is a wonderful product and I will suggest this to ALL of my friends who have kids this product is amazing and all I have to say once again is THANK YOU!!!!”

– Erika M. Philadelphia, PA


“I loved it.

I play it in the morning as the children are arriving – It brings a calm over the center and makes it a relaxing atmosphere.”

– Jana F., QualityCare for Kids, Novato, CA


“Fantastic CD

I started the CD last night while I was rocking him and giving him his last bottle for the night; he was asleep within 10 minutes and had already spat his Binky out (something he usually does not do until in a deep sleep). I think he slept the entire night without waking! I know I slept like a baby myself. Usually when I am leaving for work at 5:30AM my wife is usually rocking him in her arms in the bed because he has woke up, either from the shower running or just habit. My wife always gives me the “God help me” look in the morning but today she was sound asleep and the baby was in his room fast asleep while the CD continued to play. I am anxious to hear what she says about my purchase. I am guessing she will give me a big hug when I get home from work. I don’t think she has slept in almost a year. I wish I had found this during the Colic months. I am almost positive it would have done the job. Also, the audio over the baby monitor is quiet enjoyable so don’t worry about that keeping you awake.

– Bill C.


“I cannot recommend this enough!

Some of the ladies I work with rolled their eyes when I told them what I had purchased and suggested that I just put a warm puppy in bed with him instead. I cannot wait to tell them how wrong they were!

Thanks again for a great product!!

– Greg S – National Geospatial Intelligence Agency


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