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How does the Baby Sleep System Work?


baby sleep

The Miracle Baby Sleep System™ features the WombEffect™ technology which is a precise simulation of the sound your baby hears while inside the womb. Quite simply, it is the most accurate audio simulation of the intrauterine environment on the market. So accurate in fact, the Baby Sleep System™ is used in hospitals, NICUs and by clinical researchers.

Actual clinical recordings were taken of the intrauterine sonic environment, along with organic samples of a mother’s heartbeat adjusted to the rested rate of 72 beats-per-minute. The audio is then digitally processed to mimic the underwater experience.

Layered with a unique lush slow-motion ambient soundtrack, the Baby Sleep System™ CD is perhaps the most profoundly calming audio recording you’ve ever heard.


Your baby instantly recognizes the sound of his/her former home, and can fall peacefully asleep.
Babies who are fortunate enough to hear the BabySleep System™ soundtrack fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer.



Infants and babies who do not get enough sleep are at a higher risk ofdeveloping problems later on in life such as alcohol and drug abuse, smoking, ADHD, weight problems, heart disease and diabetes.


Traditional Lullabies don’t always help your baby sleep

Lullabies have been a mainstay in babies' ears for many years as they are the basis of the "go to sleep" tapes and CDs that line mainstream market shelves.


While these songs are effective for attracting a baby's attention, they typically contain melodies which are known to engage the brain. Even worse, nearly every traditional lullaby CD contains higher frequencies often played by “bells”.
This is fine when your baby is awake and learning, but when your baby needs to sleep, stimulating melodies played by harsh high-frequency instruments are the last thing you would want to play for your baby. The sound of bells are high-frequency and never existed in the womb.


The BabySleep System™ however, emulates the safe, peaceful intrauterine environment with its low-frequency ambient sounds that comfort

your baby the most.


The result: SLEEP


Users have reported dramatic results!

Babies often stop crying in minutes

Getting your baby to sleep through the night is easy with the Baby Sleep System™


How do I get my baby to sleep through the night?



The Baby Sleep System™

audio soundtrack can help smooth over the transition between periods of "light sleep" and "deep sleep" while at the same time allowing for a natural stirring as bodily or environmental needs dictate.




The Miracle BabySleep System™

featuring the WombEffect™

Babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!



Now used by Hospitals, Doctors, Daycare Professionals, and thousands of parents worldwide.

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